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The BBZ-1 60 was designed by Pro Angler Bill Siemantel. Multi species will attack the BBZ-1 60! You can work it with a steady straight retrieve or pause and jerk it for awesome S-turns and other realistic underwater aerobics. It may be smaller but the BBZ-1 80 can stand up to the largest game-fish. The BBZ-1 60 come with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks and in an array of fish-catching colors.

Floater: 2 oz. (Floats)
Slow Sink: 2 1/4 oz. (Falls 1 ft. in 3 seconds)
Fast Sink: 2 1/2 oz. (Falls 1 ft. per second)
Size: 6″ in length
Hook: Gamakatsu #2 2X Strong Treble Hooks
Sink Rate: Floater, slow sink, fast sink
Action: Realistic Swimming Action


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